Style 411

By VIP Style Company

Wide Leg Lover

Wide leg pants (especially denim) are a ’70s style that I can remember loving ever since I was younger. As like everything else in fashion it is a trend that makes it’s way back in our wardrobes seasons over. In my wardrobe its a staple (owning several pairs). Not only do I love the silhouette it gives the person wearing it, but more so the feeling of being carefree when one is in a pair. These go great with flowy or fitted  tops for a variety of looks. For a lifting, lengthening and slimming affect definitely rock these with tall shoes (pumps, wedges or boots). Tip: For this affect keep in mind you want the pant leg to hit right above the floor. For accessories a great hat and fringe purse (which are totally in season as well) will have you looking like you stepped out of a time machine.

On a budget? Today you can find great pairs under $100:

1. Zara jeans, $70 / 2. Guess jeans, $98 / 3. H&M jeans,$30 / 4. Gap jeans, $60

Try on a pair! I promise you’ll fall in love with the IT pant of the season.