Wide Leg Lover

Wide leg pants (especially denim) are a ’70s style that I can remember loving ever since I was younger. As like everything else in fashion it is a trend that makes it’s way back in our wardrobes seasons over. In my wardrobe its a staple (owning several pairs). Not only do I love the silhouette it […]

Breaking The Rules – White After Labor Day

  “No white after Labor Day” has been a fashion “rule” for a very long, long time. Though there’s different reasons as to why the rule even exists, many like to believe it’s because Labor Day marks the official end of summer (when September 22nd actually does). WHATEVER!!! Ultimately, you should ignore the rule which is considered a fashion faux pas […]

Hello World!

The fashion industry is one that has been around for centuries. Though no one can say exactly when people started wearing clothes, one thing is for sure, fashion is ever evolving. The early construction of clothing was made from natural elements that were available like; animal skin and furs, grass and leaves, as well as […]