Style 411

By VIP Style Company

Style Transitions



With the fall season officially starting in a few days, don’t put away your summer wardrobe just yet! Being that I live in South Florida I don’t have to worry to much about the weather change any time soon (not teasing, just saying), but a girl still has to be prepared.

So no need to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. There are ways to get some extra use out of your summer favorites in your fall transition line-up, before temps start to drop. Here are 3 quick tips/ideas that can help you save some money and what to wear sanity.

Tip 1

Add a layer with either a Stylish Jacket or Sweater

By adding a stylish jacket or fun sweater to your look you will stay warm as well as get a more structured look. For similar look below; on cooler days pair with thick tights, booties and add a scarf.


Tip 2

Add a darker hue to your look

Swap out the lighter hues for more subtle, darker ones. This will give your look a more subdued, autumn feel. For similar look below; on cooler days pair with a dark long (mid thigh) jacket and midi boots.

DSC_0988 (4)

Tip 3

Pair lighter colored tops with dark denim

Don’t stop wearing your go-to summer shirt. Instead just swap out your lighter wash jeans for darker ones. This will keep your look chic and fresh for fall. For similar look below; on cooler days pair with a leather moto jacket and pointed toe boots.

DSC_1040 (3)

VIP Style Company can assist with our Style Detox Service where we evaluate and revise your current wardrobe to accommodate the change of any season.

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