Style 411

By VIP Style Company

Style TyPiNg



What is my style type? No one ever really asks themselves that question. Maybe you should! It could help you begin to understand and discover your personal style and have you dress accordingly. Many will be a specific style type while others will be a combination of a few. Defining your style type is a way to uncover and determine what is appropriate and inappropriate for your personal style (and why), and to identify which exciting fashion direction or possibilities exist for you.

Below we go over 5 popular style types and their makeup. Based on your lifestyle their characteristics can vary, but they are great foundations to build off of.



The Classic Style Type is conservative, timeless, and traditional. Those with this style type value longevity over trends and knows what works for them.

In the Classic Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll mostly find neutral colors (i.e. white, brown, nude/blush) with the occasional pops of color (i.e. red, blue, and black). Accessories like jewelry (i.e strand of pearls, or studs), and shoes (i.e ballet flats, and black pumps) are never over the top.

Inspirations include:




The Trendy Style Type is creative, unique, and fashion forward. Those with this style type focus on the latest trends and don’t get attached to any one particular look.

In the Trendy Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find a variety of colors, prints, and textures. Accessories like jewelry (i.e. statement necklaces, and stack-able rings), and shoes (i.e. block heels, and over the knee boots) are chic and always pushing the limit.

Inspirations include:




The Dramatic Style Type is eccentric, bold and distinctive. Those with this style type focus on creative looks that stand out and are a bit theatrical.

In the Dramatic Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find bold prints (i.e tribal, geometric, and color-blocking), and bright colors (i.e. red, yellow, and orange). Accessories like jewelry (i.e. chunky necklaces, .and statement rings), and shoes (i.e. hats, over-sized bags, and sunglasses) are sometimes the stars of the show and a must.

Inspirations include:




The Casual Style Type is minimalistic yet modern. Those with this style type focus on quality and practicality versus aesthetic.

In the Casual Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find clean cuts and classic pieces (i.e. white t-shirts, denim, and khakis), neutral colors (i.e nudes, white, and brown) and single layers. Accessories like jewelry (i.e. thin bracelets and necklaces), and shoes (i.e sneakers, and flats) are comfortable and simple.

Inspirations include:



ROMANTIC  aka “Girly Girl or Vintage”

The Romantic Style Type is feminine, and delicate. Those with this style type focus on looks that have gentle curve lines and wardrobe pieces that are versatile.

In the Romantic Style Type’s wardrobe you’ll find pieces in lace and ruffles, as well as muted and floral prints. Accessories like jewelry (i.e charms, and brooches) are ornate in their detailing, and shoes (i.e. round toe, and tall heels) often have a vintage look to them.

Inspirations include:



Regardless of what your personal style is or look you want to pull off (i.e. edgy classic, casual chic, upgraded bohemian, or a polished professional) there are no “rules” to follow. You can tweak any of these style types to feel and look good while owning it. Now THAT’s stylish!